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No games, Just quality chiropractor care for you.

We treat back pain and neck pain with legitimate medical practices.
It's quality chiropractor care tailored to your health needs.

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Bob The Chiropractor provides care to reduce your pain in just a few visits.

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Recover from life's stresses with the healing effects of massage.

Our massage therapists are trained in relieving the discomfort of everyday life by treating your back pain and neck pain.

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Our massage therapy sessions can eliminate your tension in a few visits.

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Testimonials About Chiropractic Health

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Did You Know's About Chiropractic Wellness

Did You Know's About Treatment By Chiropractors

In 1986 the Florida Workers' Compensation Study stated disability time was 51.3% shorter for patients treated by a chiropractor. Chiropractor costs were 58.8% lower than medical care.


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From Dr. Bob Benaderet,
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Bob The Chiropractor, Your Long Beach ChiropractorYou've taken the first steps towards improving your most valuable possession, your health. We see patients with a variety of health issues who respond well to chiropractor care.

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